Service Packages

Interior Detail 

Starting at $350

  • High pressure air purge
  • Full vacuum of all surfaces
  • Steam clean all interior components
  • Shampoo and hot water extraction – Deep seated grime removal
  • Intricate seam and crack detail to remove all fine particles
  • Methodical removal of pet hair and organic vegetation 
  • In-depth cleaning of all buttons, switches and hand controls
  • Air vent blowout and dusting to remove hard to reach debris
  • LCD Screens are gently cleansed to remove fingerprint oils
  • All applicable surfaces properly detailed and dressed/conditioned
  • Interior window glass and trim 
  • 30 minute Ozone treatment to remove lingering odors and kill bacteria
  • FeynLab Ceramic Leather treatment is applied to vehicles with leather seating. Offering 6+ months of protection and ease of maintenance cleaning on high-traffic areas.
  • FeynLab Textile Ceramic treatment for all carpets, headliner, and cloth upholstery or seating. Offering 6+ months of protection and east of maintenance cleaning on high-traffic areas.
  • Door jams are wiped and waxed
  • Trunk or Cargo areas included with interior package.


Exterior Detail 

Starting at $350

  • High-pressure foam and rinse to loosen or remove surface filth
  • Gentle hand wash to remove stubborn debris
  • Hand and machine clay bar decontamination to shear off microscopic paint clingers
  • Chemically saturate exterior surfaces to dissolve and loosen any remaining embedded contaminates. This may include iron particles, brake dust, industrial fallout and a wide array of various materials.
  • Final rinse to ensure the paint and exterior surfaces are completely rid of any lingering matter
  • Chemically remove waterspot forming mineral deposits.
  • Mechanically polish surface of all painted surfaces to remove unsightly oxidation, light swirls, marring, imperfections and etched water spots. Resulting in a beautifully smooth paint and a high gloss finish. (Ask about our paint correction upgrades)
  • All exterior surfaces receive a healthy dose of FeynLab longterm sealant offering increased shine and protection from the elements. (Ask about 5+ years of  FeynLab Ceramic and Selfhealing Technology)
  • Wheels are acid washed, scrubbed and rinsed to remove the toughest baked on grime
  • Tires receive a sling free dressing for high or low shine and protection.
  • All glass is cleaned, hydrophobic treatment is applied to windshield.


Advanced Services

  • FeynLab Ceramic Coatings 1-5+ Years of Warrantied Protection
  • FeynLab SelfHeal Ceramic Coating. Eliminate swirls and paint flaws with the heat from the sun!
  • FeynLab Tire Sealants 6+ Months of Protection and Visual Appeal
  • FeynLab Glass and Windshield Coating 6+ months of clearer vision
  • FeynLab Textile coating offering 6+ months of stain repellant on all fabrics and upholstered interior surfaces.
  • FeynLab Plastic re-dye and rejuvenate worn our vinyl trim and exterior surfaces.
  • Paint chip touchup and scratch removal. Repair minor paint damage with OEM paint, a perfect match to your vehicles existing color.
  • Emblem, decal, and pinstripe removal. We can delete those unsightly add ons from the factory.
  • Multistep paint correction, wet sanding , orange peel repair. Let us completely make over your vehicles paint. It will look better than new.

The value of this package is unparalleled to any service your vehicle has ever received. OnSite Details is not an automatic tunnel wash or a roadside car service location. Our detail technicians have years of state recognized training and certifications. We understand how to safely cleanse all materials and preserve their beauty and integrity. This service uses only professional grade detailing products, many of which cannot be purchased by the general public. OnSite Details is the ONLY authorized installer of FeynLab products within the entire state of South Carolina. We strive to offer the best services in the LowCountry. Our detailers attend countless hours of in-person classroom training each year to stay up to date on the best methods and products to service your investments. Just check out our “About Us” page to see for yourself!

*All listed prices reflect estimated costs for a small sized vehicle with normal contamination and use.

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