Full Interior Detail (2+ Hours) 150

High pressure air purge to loosen debris from cracks and crevices, vacuum all surfaces to remove dust and loosened contaminates. Plastics,vinyl and rubber are all dressed with shine or matte conditioners. Carpet and Upholstery is presoaked, scrubbed and shampooed with hot water extractor, leather is cleaned, scrubbed and conditioned w/PH balanced products, Windows and window tips are cleaned to perfection.

Maintenance Clean (1+ Hour) 70

Quick high pressure air purge to loosen dirt and debris. Vacuum of all surfaces, wet dusting and dressing applied to all plastic and vinyl, interior and exterior glass cleaned.

Steam and Shampoo (2+ Hours) 100

Carpet and Seats air purged, PreSoak and HandScrub, all carpet, seats and upholstery receive 200+ degree hot water extraction and pressurized steam cleaning as needed.

SuperShine- Ultimate Gloss (3+ Hours) 250

This exterior detail was created for the vehicle owner that wants the exterior of their vehicle to look better than new. We touch on all components of the automobile’s exterior and bring each back to their original condition. After a quick wash and clay bar decontamination. Our OnSite Detail technicians will use a two step polish and sealant. Using our Flex3401 polisher we will remove oxidation, light scratches and swirls while returning your paint to a high gloss. (If the vehicle requires a more aggressive approach to remove paint imperfections we are able to compound or even wetsand the paint to return it to better than new condition) After polishing we apply a synthetic sealant and buff to give lasting protection and ultimate shine. After restoring your paint we move onto all exterior vinyl trim and rubber seals or plastics. We will apply a top shelf black dye to your exterior trim to return it to a deep dark finish. Offering long lasting protection and eye appeal. Exterior windows and window tips will be cleaned to a streak free perfection. Lastly wheels will be cleaned and polished if necessary, tires will receive a sling-free dressing to keep them a dark, shining and protected from harsh degrading elements.

Full Exterior Detail (2+ Hours) 150

Vehicle is washed waterless by hand or with our pressurized water/foam cannon depending upon condition. Next we remove all tiny or near microscopic contaminates using lubricant and clay. Once the surface of the paint has been thoroughly cleansed of all particulates we use machine polishers to strip oxidation, repair light swirls and scratches within the paint. At the same time a brilliant gloss and shine will begin to show as the paint is repaired. After polishing we will apply a synthetic sealant which is rated to protect and repel for up to 6 months. Once your paint is shining and properly protected we apply a hydrophobic window treatment to all exterior glass. Wheels and tires will be degreased and cleaned while a waterbased tire conditioner will by applied to give a sling-free shine. Lastly the engine bay of the vehicle will be cleaned and conditioned with a non silicone dressing to keep your engine running cooler and looking better than ever.

Maintenance Wash (1+ Hour) 70

Vehicle is washed waterless by hand or with our pressurized water/foam cannon depending upon condition. After a thorough wash the entire vehicle will be clayed to remove small particle contaminates while also removing light oxidation and road grime. The vehicle will then be hand dried and machine waxed and buffed to give a brilliant shine while also protecting the paint for up to 3 months. Additionally all windows will be cleaned to streak-free perfection, wheels and tires will be cleaned and conditioned with a sling-free conditioner.

Elite Detail Package 350

Vehicle will receive a high-pressure foam wash, followed by clay bar decontamination and hand dried. Using our 3 step paint reconditioning system we will machine compound to remove heavy oxidation, scratches and swirl marks within the paint. Following our compounding step will be our machine polish which smooths the paints finish resulting in superior shine and gloss. Lastly we will machine apply a 6 month synthetic sealant and buff leaving your paint fully restored and protected. Windows will be cleaned and receive a hydrophobic treatment to repel grime and rainwater. Wheels and Tires are cleaned and dressed. Additionally all exterior trim is re-dyed as needed. We also will pop the hood and do a full detail and condition of your engine bay. Our Elite Package also includes our Full Interior Detail, which can be found under the Interior Services tab.

Premium Detail Package 250

Vehicle is washed, contaminates are removed with clay bar and hand dried. Paint will receive our 2 step machine polish and synthetic sealant and buff. Wheels and Tires are cleaned and receive a non-sling dressing. Windows are cleaned to non streak perfection. A quick wash, degreasing and dry of the engine and under hood components. Our Premium Package also includes all items listed under our Full Interior Detail with exception of Shampooing.

Express Detail Package 135

Wash and Claybar decontamination, 1 step machine application of our highest level carnauba wax and buff. Wheels are cleaned, Tires are dressed with a non-sling dressing. Windows are cleaned with streak free products. Additionally the interior of the vehicle will receive all items listed under our Quick Maint. Interior Detailing option.

Monthly Spruce Up 50

Save money with our monthly service package! Customer must first purchase a full detail package prior to taking advantage of this service. 2x Express Detail per year or 1x Premium or Elite Package. Customer may also create their own interior/exterior package by choosing each service separately. Our Monthly Spruce Up package will include both an interior and exterior service which touches on all components to keep your vehicle properly maintained and protected. A written contract including auto-draft creditcard payment (or full cash or check payment) must be completed prior to any services. Contracts will be 6 or 12 month comittments. It is possible to preschedule your entire year if you’d like!

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